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In-Line Ultrasonic Conveyor Washers - 4 Stage

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Tank Capacity150 L
Display ModeDigital
Body MaterialStainless steel
Max. Temperatureupto 80 degC
Ultrasonic Frequency25 / 37 / 68 kHz
Size4000 x 2000 x 2000
Power3 kW
Current Type400-440 V | 50 Hz
Max TemperatureUpto 80degree C
Warranty1 Year
Weight3 Ton
Dimension4000 x 2000 x 2000
MaterialStainless Steel
MHSConveyor Belt - Semi Automatic
GeneratorMicro Processor Type with Dual Frequency
Optional StagesHigh-Pressure Jet / Rinsing / Hot Air Drying
Tank Size750 x 750 x 300
Body MaterialSS304
Tank Volume168 L
HMI7 Inch Siemens / Mitsubishi
Power Input230V AC
Temperature ControllerUpto 80degree C
Pick & PlacePneumatic Lifting Type
No. of StagesMultiple
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

In-Line Ultrasonic Conveyor Washers arespecialized cleaning systems used in various industries to efficiently andcontinuously clean parts, components, or objects as they move along a conveyor beltor chain. These systems incorporate ultrasonic cleaning technology into a productionline, offering several advantages in the cleaning process. These systems can bedesigned with multiple cleaning stages, including ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, anddrying, allowing for a comprehensive cleaning process. In-line ultrasonic conveyorwashers often include a control panel that allows operators to adjust variousparameters, such as conveyor speed, ultrasonic power, and cleaning time. Thesewashers are used in manufacturing processes to clean components, parts, andproducts before assembly or further processing. They are particularly valuable inindustries like automotive, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing. They are highly
customizable to meet specific cleaning requirements, making them a valuable assetin industries where cleanliness and precision are paramount.


  • Usage of conveyor belt or chain
  • Includes control panel
  • Multiple Stages

In-Line Ultrasonic Washers - 20 Stage

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Display ModeDigital
MaterialStainless Steel
Body MaterialStainless steel
Max. Temperatureupto 80 degC
Ultrasonic Frequency25/37/68kHz
Power440V AC
Current Type400-440 V | 50 Hz
Usage AreaIndustrial/Mobile Phone Cleaning/Aerospace/Semiconductor
Warranty1 Year
Weight20 Ton
Dimension30000 x 3000 x 3000 mm
PipingsPVC/PPH/SS Material
EnclosureFully Enclosed with UPVC Doors & Windows
Filtration10 Micron Cartridge Type
Power Input440V AC
Temperature ControllerUpto 80 Deg c
Level SensorFork Type
No. of StagesMultiple - 20+ (Optional)
Optional StagesHigh-pressure Jet / Rinsing / Hot Air Drying/Cold Water Spraying/Air Wiping
Oil SkimmerDisc Type
Lube SystemOil Free Grease Type
MHSHigh Speed & Accurate 3 Axis 3 Nos Pick & Place Mechanism with Ball Screw, LM Guide & Servo Motor
Mist CollectorOptional - Filter Mist/LOSMA Make
pH MeterOptional - ASTER Make
GeneratorMicroprocessor Based with Dual Frequency
HMISiemens / Mitsubishi 7 or 12 Inch

This machine combines both immersioncleaning and ultrasonic technology with the functionality of a conveyor system. In thisprocess, objects or components to be cleaned are loaded onto the conveyor system.These objects may be parts or items used in manufacturing processes, and theyoften have various types of contaminants on their surfaces. The conveyor systemthen moves the loaded objects into the immersion tank. As the objects enter the tank,they are completely submerged in the cleaning solution. While submerged, ultrasonictransducers emit high-frequency sound waves into the cleaning solution. After theultrasonic cleaning stage, the conveyor system may transport the objects to a rinsingstage where they are sprayed with clean water or a rinsing solution to remove anyremaining cleaning solution or residues. In some systems, a drying stage is included.It may involve the use of hot air or other drying methods to remove residual moisturefrom the cleaned objects before they exit the conveyor system. Conveyor washersystems can be customized to accommodate specific cleaning needs, includingchoice of cleaning solution, conveyor speed, and temperature control. Immersionultrasonic conveyor washers are commonly used in manufacturing industries, suchas automotive, aerospace, electronics, and precision engineering, where precise andefficient cleaning of components is crucial to the quality of the final products.


  • Precision Industrial Cleaning
  • Fully Customised
  • Multiple Stages


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